Semiologic Pinnacle Theme

The latest in the Semiologic theme family.   Built on the foundations of the Semiologic Reloaded theme, but revamped for now and the future.   Responsive, multi-device, latest standards.

== New Features ==

– Responsive Implementation w/ accordian-style smartphone menu.
– HTML5 sematic markup
– Dropdown Menu support using the Semiologic menu implementation found in prior themes
– Option for top only, 1 level or 2 levels of dropdowns
– Caption for smartphone menu
– All child pages of parent included in menu if 1 or 2 level selected
– New exclude from menu checkbox in page editor. (along with prior this page in widgets support)
– New Semiologic Admin menu section for all the Semiologic theme and package settings
– Breadcrumb navigation widget
– Post navigation widget (move between single post pages)
– Added support for some of the more common Google Fonts
– Top and Bottom Sidebars Panels – these span both the Main and Left and Right Sidebar areas
– New wp-content/semiologic folder for custom skins and css.
– New Sidebar-Wide Content and Wide Content-Sidebar templates for alternative page layouts on the site.
– Better typography
– WordPress’ comment system with thread comments (up to 5 levels) is now supported.


== Enhanced/Change Functionality ==

– Fonts selection now on its own configuration page
– Order of Panels in the Widgets screen is more intuitive
– Option to display Header Top Level Menu as justified
– Enhanced and microformats markup
– Comment bubble has been removed
– Entry:Categories and Entry:Tags widgets have been consolidated into a single Entry:Footer widget
– The print style sheet has been redone for better site printing
– Post date is now displayed under the post title.
– Post/page date and author are always generated (though maybe hidden) to pass Rich Snippets/microformats validation
– Comment count and edit post are now under post title
– Flash header support has been removed.
– Fix: Sidebar widget lists with long post/page titles don’t overflow widget boundaries
– Fix: Creation of header_top_wrapper was occurring after 1st widget
– Added option to display/not display pings/trackbacks in comment list
– Revamped Header SEO with H1 and H2 sitename and tagline.


Bleeding Edge Zip

Frequently Asked Questions


The Semiologic forum is the best place to report issues. Please note, however, that while community members and I do our best to answer all queries, we’re assisting you on a voluntary basis. If you require more dedicated assistance, consider using Semiologic Pro.

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