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This plugin has outlived its usefulness and value so no further updates will be occurring on it.

Files that you add to your Wordpress blog from your computer or elsewhere are stored by Wordpress in the /wp-content/uploads folder.  This includes all types of media files, audio, video, pdf etc.

In Wordpress Settings/Miscellaneous you can elect to store your files either in a single folder at wp-content/uploads (where they will inevitably turn into a jumbled mess) or by month (which means they will still be jumbled but in a smaller mess).

When stored by month your files will also be stored in the month they were uploaded and not in the month they are used in a post or page.  This makes it harder to track them down if you need to make later changes.

The Uploads Folder WordPress plugin changes your uploads folders to a more natural uploads/yyyy/mm/dd/title for posts (based on the post’s date rather than the date of upload), and uploads/page/sub-page for static pages (based on the page’s position in the hierarchy).  Any additional folders required are created automatically.

The advantage is not evident to the user.  However, the new file structure is more efficient for other plugins to integrate with, in particular Mediacaster – and if you need to locate uploads manually as they follow a more natural structure.


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