Feed Widgets Plugin For WordPress

This plugin has been retired. No further development will occur on it.

The Feed Widgets plugin for WordPress lets you insert any widget after each post in your RSS feed.

To make the best of this plugin, be sure to configure the full text feed setting, under Settings / Reading.

You may also find its child project, the Inline Widgets plugin, of interest for non-feeds.

Placing a widget after your post in your feeds

It’s short and simple:

  1. Browse Appearance / Widgets
  2. Open the Feed Widgets panel (“sidebar”, in the WP jargon)
  3. Place whichever widgets you want in that panel

Widgets in this panel will be appended to each post. Note that not all widgets work here: anything javascript based — ads in particular — are stripped from feed readers. To insert ads in your feed, use FeedBurner or an equivalent service.

Common uses for this plugin include:

  • An Author Image widget, so as to add some “About this author” information after each post automatically
  • A Related Widget, so as to drive readers to related content on your site
  • A Newsletter Widget (some feed readers strip forms too, but most don’t)
  • An HTML-based (rather than js-based) ad, i.e. a text widget, that promotes a product on your site (or someone else’s site)


This package is part of Semiologic Pro, and is access-restricted.

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