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This plugin has been deprecated.   Its functionality has been merged into the External Links plugin.

The Dofollow plugin for WordPress lets you remove the evil nofollow attribute from your comments. Because nofollow will not work.

You can find a full discussion of why you should not use the nofollow attribute in the Resources section.


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Change Log

Version 4.2.2 =

  • Retired/deprecated

Version 4.2.1 =

  • WP 4.0 compat

Version 4.2 =

  • Code refactoring

Version 4.1 =

  • Refactored source code to object oriented implementation
  • WP 3.8 compat

Version 4.0.2 =

  • WP 3.6 compat

Version 4.0.1 =

  • WP 3.5 compat
  • Ensure users have latest code

Version 4.0 =

  • Localization

Version 3.3 =

  • Fix a bug in the regexp for links with a rel= attribute already