Semiologic SEO For WordPress

The Semiologic SEO plugin will add a couple of SEO (search engine optimization) gadgets and functionality to any WordPress site. It was designed with the Semiologic theme in mind, but it can be used with most other themes as well.

The approach in this plugin is consistent with that of other SEO plugins from this site, namely Silo Widgets, Nav Menu widgets, and XML Sitemaps. In other words, it is based on the idea that a small web of static pages that are regularly mentioned in posts will work better than a posts only site.

If you’re expecting a plugin with screens full of options, you will be disappointed by this plugin. It offers few options because I feel that, as a rule of thumb, it’s better to enforce the proper options than to give doubts to end-users.

That being said, I dare suggest that you’ll fare better with this plugin and the other SEO plugins on this site than with the All-In-One SEO plugin and its siblings.

This WordPress SEO plugin in particular covers the following:

  • Web page title (for the Semiologic theme anyway)
  • Meta keyword/description tags
  • Canonical URL tags
  • Google+ Authorship
  • Various duplicate content worries
  • A few other points, when combined with the Semiologic theme, such as putting the page’s content forward

The plugin also features an SEO crash course under Settings / SEO once active, and you’ll find additional SEO resources in the’s members’ area as well as its resources section, so I won’t be expanding on the specifics or the details here.

One FAQ note however: meta keywords, which are useless, are dealt with automatically (by concatenating titles, categories and tags), but the field is left around in the event anyone wants to override it. Meta description should be filled in manually if you want one, since there is no point or benefit in generating it automatically.


This package is part of Semiologic Pro, and is access-restricted.

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The Semiologic forum is the best place to report issues.

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