Semiologic Tweaks and Fixes Plugin For WordPress

The Semiologic Tweaks and Fixes plugin was born at a time where it was borderline impossible to get any kind of patch committed to the WP code base. Conveniently, the WP API allows to work around all sorts of workflow issues and outright bugs through the use of plugin hooks.

When WP is broken and I feel there is little or no chances this will get fixed in WP itself, I generally maintain a fix in the Semiologic Fixes plugin. The same for a handful of non-forked WP plugins that are in Semiologic Pro. (A fork is when you opt to decide to maintain the code yourself.)

The exact bugs vary from a WP version to the next. Suffice it to say that you want this one to be active at all times.


This package is part of Semiologic Pro, and is access-restricted.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Semiologic forum is the best place to report issues.

Change Log

Version 3.0.3 =

  • Oops left debugging code in a rule

Version 3.0.2 =

  • Added virtual robots.txt functionality with full Google crawl

Version 3.0.1 =

  • Disable the temp security module

Version 3.0 =

  • Temporaily Add basic security module
  • Get rid of emoji support added 4.2. Not every site is a blog, WP Core Team!
  • Simply purge old tweaks from years ago. Keep only necessary tweaks
  • Allow WordPress Address and Site Address fields in Settings->General to be editable
  • WP 4.3 compat
  • Tested against PHP 5.6

Version 2.8 =

  • Performance improvements as some admin-only functionality was loaded for the front end.
  • Move hashcash tweaking code to Hashcash reloaded plugin
  • Dropped the inclusion of the libxml2 module
  • Code refactoring

Version 2.7 =

  • WP 4.0 compat

Version 2.6 =

  • TADV toolbar settings got completely removed. Redo toolbars, enabled plugins to work with TDAV 4.0+ and TinyMCE 4.0.

Version 2.5 =

  • Move widget PHP enable code and shortcode enable from sem-reloaded theme to this plugin

Version 2.4.1 =

  • Use more full proof WP version check to alter plugin behavior instead of relying on $wp_version constant.

Version 2.4 =

  • Post revision limiting was broken allowing unlimited revisions
  • Remove date rules when using /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ permalink structure
  • Code refactoring
  • WP 3.9 compat

Version 2.3.1 =

  • Fix license text

Version 2.3 =

  • TinyMCE configuration has been dropped from the plugin due to endless tinyMCE updates. The TinyMCE Advanced plugin should be directly installed to handled the appropriate add-on versions needed. The current toolbar setup will be initialized in the tinyMCE settings.
  • Added custom wp_redirect function to better handle browser 301 caching glitches.
  • Disable automatic WordPress updating
  • Added back some post/page revision limiting.
  • WP 3.8 compat

Version 2.2 =

  • WP 3.6 compat
  • PHP 5.4 compat
  • Removed post revision crippling and defer to WP settings for controlling revision control

Version 2.1.5 =

  • Yet another svn commit issue with new files

Version 2.1.4 =

  • TinyMCE popup js file backwards compatibility with pre-WP 3.5. Broke this in the 2.1.3 release

Version 2.1.3 =

  • Update TinyMCE popup js file

Version 2.1.2 =

  • Fix plugin versioning

Version 2.1.1 =

  • Fixed unknown index warning

Version 2.1 =

  • Removed fixes now built into WordPress
  • Add additional buttons to the Visual Editor
  • Updated TinyMCE plugins
  • WP 3.5 compat
  • Update deprecated WP functions
  • Cleaned up php lint items

Version 2.0.4 =

  • Improve disabling curl ssl verification.

Version 2.0.3 =

  • Drop TinyMCE media button (removed in WP 3.1)

Version 2.0.2 =

  • Fix curl w/ ssl
  • P in WP Dangit fixes

Version 2.0.1 =

  • WP 3.0.1 compat

Version 2.0 =

  • WP 3.0 compat
  • Don't break CDATA tags when fixing wpautop

Version 1.9.6 =

  • Further rewrite rule optimizations
  • Add activate/deactivate handlers
  • Prevent users from breaking their sites by editing the WP url
  • Avoid using broken WP functions

Version 1.9.5 =

  • Add a couple of WP 2.9-related fixes
  • More lib XML2 fixes

Version 1.9.4 =

  • Trim the junk added in TinyMCE by the buggy Skype plugin for FF
  • WP 2.9 compat
  • Play well with php code in posts

Version 1.9.3 =

  • Merge external libs into the plugin

Version 1.9.2 =

  • Fix typo / HTML validation

Version 1.9.1 =

  • Fix a race condition with the Semiologic theme

Version 1.9 =

  • Updated for WP 2.8 / Sem Pro 6.0