Semiologic Cache Plugin For WordPress

The Semiologic Cache plugin for WordPress is a high performance cache for sites built using WP.

It requires PHP 5.0 to work; some features (the query cache) require as much as PHP 5.1. The niftier functionality is only available on servers with memcached installed. This is not available on shared hosts; but if you’re on a VPS host, such as, you can take full advantage of it.

Activate the Semiologic Cache plugin, and browse Settings / Cache to use it. It implements the following:

  • A filesystem-based static cache of key pages, for ultimate caching when you experience massive amounts of requests on individual pages.
  • The semi-static cache, which can optionally be handled by memcache (allowing sites who live on multiple servers to avoid lags related to the filesystem).
  • A query-level cache for sites that use memcache; this significantly speeds things up for logged in users, provided they haven’t authored private posts.
  • A persistent object-level cache, again using memcache. This speeds things up for much about everyone, by avoiding round trips to the database when none are needed.
  • An asset-level cache. This reduces the number of server requests per page by concatenating javascript and css files.
  • A gzip-level cache at the apache level, for servers that support mod_deflate. This significantly reduces the size of the files sent to end-users whose browser support it.


This package is part of Semiologic Pro, and is access-restricted.

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