Redirect Manager Plugin for Wordpress

The Redirect Manager plugin lets you easily redirect traffic from a post or page to another destination. You may wish to do this if your post or page has become obsolete but you wish to retain incoming visitors and links.

Redirects can also be used to manage and cloak affiliate links on your site or to create an entire site which has the sole purpose of redirecting affiliate traffic.

Redirect Plugin Entry


The Redirect plugin entry is found in the list of functions directly underneath the post/page editor. Clicking on the drop down arrow will open the single line entry.

Enter the new destination URL and SAVE CHANGES.. All traffic arriving at that post/page will be redirected to the new destination.

To Manage & Cloak Affiliate Links


Create a Stub page (see Silo Widgets for instructions on stub, parent and child pages). In this example the stub page is titled Go.

Create a child page for each affiliate product. There is no content to the child pages, enter only the Title and the relevant affiliate link in the Redirect plugin entry.

Specify Go as the Parent page.


Click the drop-down arrow to open the menu of available pages in the right sidebar. Specify Go as the Parent page for each child page.

Exclude the Pages


In This Page in Widgets (in the list of functions below the editor) exclude the Parent page from automatically generated lists by checking the box shown. The parent will no longer appear in automatically generated lists.

Check the other exclusion box ‘…except for silo stub,…’ for the child pages to allow the silo stub function to operate.

A useful feature for the Administrator is that the plugin will not redirect a user with Administrator rights but will display the redirect destination.  This is useful for blog owners to verify the redirect without wasting time going through the process or influencing statistics with erroneous clicks.

If you have many affiliate links or run a site primarily as an affiliate product center with many redirect pages then you may wish to keep the administration seperate by installing a seperate blog in another folder or sub-domain.

In this case the /go/ naming would refer to the sub-domain at or the equivalent folder at This would keep your redirect pages completely seperate from the content on your main content blog.


This package is part of Semiologic Pro, and is access-restricted.

Bleeding Edge Zip

Frequently Asked Questions


The Semiologic forum is the best place to report issues.

Change Log

Version 1.6 =

  • WP 4.3 compat
  • Tested against PHP 5.6

Version 1.5 =

  • WP 4.0 compat

Version 1.4 =

  • Code refactoring
  • WP 3.9 compat

Version 1.3.1 =

  • WP 3.8 compat

Version 1.3 =

  • Fixed problem with modern browsers (especially Firefox) with caching of 301 redirects and infinite redirect loops.
  • WP 3.7 compat

Version 1.2 =

  • WP 3.6 compat
  • PHP 5.4 compat

Version 1.1.2 =

  • WP 3.5 compat

Version 1.1.1 =

  • WP 3.0.1 compat

Version 1.1 =

  • Complete rewrite
  • Localization
  • Code enhancements and optimizations