There are a number of locations where privacy functions are available that warrant explanation. A post or pages may have any of three possible status conditions which become visible by clicking on Status – Edit:

  • Draft – is not yet published and the user needs Edit permission to view.
  • Pending Review – as for Draft requires Edit permission to view. Usually used when an Author is awaiting review and approval of a posting by a collaborator.
  • Published – visible to all.

In addition, Visibility can also be selected to offer:

  • Public – visible to all.
  • Password protected – this can be done by clicking the Edit link alongside Visibility in the Publish panel. Password protection will protect the post or page but not any attachments, media or files made available through the post/page which can still be accessed if a visitor is aware of the URL of the attachment.
  • Private – only visible to the Author (and Administrator who can see everything).

In addition to these Wordpress functions, Semiologic also offers another option in ‘This Post In Widgets’ found in the central column below the edit box in which the post/page can be hidden completely from visitors or hidden with the exception of silo stub, silo map, search reloaded and smart links, i.e. tidied away from obvious view but still functioning within the site navigation.


It is important to remember that none of these methods are reliable in preventing content from being indexed by the search engines.