Future Posting Posts And Pages In WordPress

Often times you might want to create content and have it published at intervals when you will be unavailable to publish it live. For example, you have a vacation planned and will be away from Internet access for a week. You normally post daily and want to continue for the week while you are gone.

Selecting a Date to Publish

The solution is surprisingly simple once you see a demonstration. Create your post or page in the usual way, and just before you publish each of them, click on “edit” just to the right of the word “immediately”. In Semiologic Pro 5.7, you would click on the calendar to the left of the word “Publish“.

Change the date to the date and time that you want the post or page to be published. Then click “Publish“. This might be counter intuitive, since there is a Save button, but Publish is the correct choice.

Changing date of Publication
Changing Date of Publication

Verifying the Publication Date

After clicking Publish, you can check the status of your post by going to Pages / Edit or Posts / Edit. There you will see the time remaining until publication. At the appointed time, your post will be published and available to your readers.

Verifying Publication Date
Verifying Publication Date

Note that this post was scheduled to publish 23 hours after the publish button was clicked (top line above). It could as easily have been weeks ahead of time. Create enough posts and with proper spacing, you could be vacationing and your readers would never know.

On the WP Cron Jobs

It is probably worth noting that pages are not published at the time you’ve entered.

Rather, WordPress has a scheduled task (a so-called cron), that runs hourly, checks for scheduled posts that should be published, and publishes them if it finds any.

Likewise, it is noteworthy that pings don’t occur instantly either. A separate hourly task checks for posts in need of a ping, and takes care of them when it finds any.