Ad Manager Widget

The Ad Manager Widget for WordPress allows you to manage advertisement space on your site. Simple, yet effective, it is a worthy replacement for the various advertising plugins that were previously used within Semiologic Pro

Ad Manager Widget Setup

The Ad manager is setup by browsing Appearance / Widgets and knowing where you want to place ads, select the appropriate panel from the dropdown menu. At this point you add as many of the ad widgets as you might need.

You might want one for an affiliate product and a tower Adsense ad in the sidebar; a rectangular one in the inline widgets for insertion into post content. How about a banner ad in the header?

Simply stated, whatever you want and wherever you might need ads can all be set up in this one convenient place.

Content Insertion and Widget Contexts

Once you have the ad widgets set up in their desired location, you can now open each and insert the ad code and set the widget contexts of where and when you want the ads to appear. You might want to exclude them from the home page, or from displaying to repeat visitors. Whatever you decide, you can achieve by using the widget contexts.

An exception is made for ad widgets placed into the inline widgets panel for insertion into posts and pages. Since ads are placed in posts and pages individually on an as needed basis by use of the dropdown selector in the visual editor, widget contexts are not needed, and are therefor disabled.

Special Contexts Available in Ad Widgets

Below the entry window of the ad widget are four other contexts available. Depending upon the selection, the ad will only be shown if:

  • the visitor comes from a search engine,
  • the post is more than two weeks old,
  • the visitor is not a regular reader, or
  • a php condition, using the WordPress conditional tags

Keep in mind that more than one of these conditions may be selected to further restrict who will be able to see your ads.

The php Conditional Tag

Further discussion of the php conditional tag is in order because of the power that exists in this one simple context. If you want to restrict the ad to appearing only on a certain page, it can easily be done by inserting the appropriate php conditional. For instance, you can restrict the ad to appearing only on a page titled “About Semiologic Pro” when the following php condition (WordPress conditional tags reference) is met:
if ( is_page('About Semiologic Pro') )

A complete list of WordPress Conditional Tags is available at With the contexts available, the uses of the Ad Manager Widget are almost limitless.

The Ad Manager plugin is exclusive to Semiologic Pro.