Semiologic Affiliate Program

The Semiologic affiliate program script is alpha software, but you are very welcome to join the affiliate program nonetheless.

To sign up, register or log into the Semiologic backend and create a new campaign. (Existing customers should be in the database already and simply need to log in.)

Be sure to keep the following details up to date:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email
  • Your paypal address

Once signed up, link to any page on with your ID as an aff= parameter, e.g.:

This nifty Semiologic affiliate plugin will do it for you if you are running a site on top of WordPress.

You are of course welcome to grab the Pro Package box’ image to promote it (don’t forget to add your affiliate ID to the link, if you are not using the Semiologic affiliate plugin):

Semiologic Pro Package

Typical affiliate program terms apply. Namely:

  • You may not use unethical means to generate leads and sales (e.g. spam, fraud)
  • You get no commission when you purchase Semiologic Pro