State of the Semio

We may have been a little amiss in not keeping the blog posts up-to-date.  Rest assure things continue to move along with Semiologic efforts.

  • The Semiologic Pinnacle theme was official released so that updates could be provided to via the Version Checker/Auto-Update mechanism.  to that end version 2.1 of Pinnacle was just pushed out that tweaks a few things as well as adds support for child themes in addition to the primary mechanism of panels and widgets.

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External Links 6.0 Released

Version 6.0 of the External Links WordPress plugin has been released.   The biggest reason to upgrade is performance.    The version 5.x releases had a lot to be desired and added a drain to site loaded.   I’m embarrassed about it.  Thanks to David and Alex for pointing this out on the External Links plugin area.   Good news is that things are much, much quicker now.   (Note that the Auto-Thickbox plugin used the link parsing logic and suffered poorer performance than necessary.  It has been upgraded as well).

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