Plugin Retirement Party

When Semiologic and Semiologic Pro was first created by Denis, WordPress was still in its infancy.  Now that it’s 2015, WordPress has greatly matured and Jetpack has brought functionality to those that self-host their blogs and websites.  Semiologic Plugins Retirement Party Some technology, like RSS, has been supplanted by Facebook and Twitter news feeds.    Given all of this, some of the Semiologic plugins and third party plugin forks just aren’t practical to maintain.   With Wordpress being released every 3-4 months, having to test and release plugins just to say they are version compatible, is simply just a pain.

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Semiologic Github Account

Not sure why it took us so long but Semiologic now has a Github account.   You can simply find it under Semiologic.   I know, novel.

Currently some of the old, forked plugin that were part of the original Semiologic Pro are there.     This account also serves as the home for the master Semiologic Pinnacle and Featured Child themes.  These are now public for the world to see, fork and contribute.

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