Semiologic Community Lists

We maintain a list of virtual assistants who are knowledgeable with Semiologic Pro.

They can do all sorts of tasks for you. Among them:

  • Installing the software for you (typically $25 per site)
  • Manually upgrading old sites (usually $25 per site, or $50 for very old sites)
  • Move your site to a new server ($50-100 is typical depending on the complexity)
  • Configure or customize your site (e.g. move widgets around, create a header…)

A few among them are familiar with the Semiologic Reloaded template, and quite competent in CSS. They can be hired to create a custom skin that looks like your old site, or like the rest of your site.

Arun (RentABlogger in the forum) and Abhi almost always takle the install and upgrade jobs. Arun runs a “We blog for you” kind of service based in India, and has an entire team behind him.

Tom (hakre in the forum) is also worth a note. In addition to giving a hand every now and then on the Semiologic Pro support front, he’s a regular WordPress developer and contributor. He can readily tackle plugin jobs if you need any. (Note: He’s very pricey, but well worth the money.)

And, of course, there is Marc (scrappy in the forum). He runs, maintains the servers, and is working on offering Semiologic Pro hosting (until it’s set up, hosting is to be purchased separately). He’s occasionally available for server administration tasks. (Note: he too is pricey, but you’ll be challenged to find a more competent system administrator.)

Anyway, in the event you’re interested, email and we’ll put you in touch.