Semiologic Pro: Stable Download

Before You Download…

The resources section of this site contains install instructions and upgrade instructions. Don’t miss Version Checker, further down, if you’re installing this on top of a WP 2.8 site or later.

Release notes are posted to this site’s blog.

Download: Semiologic Pro

The docs are being updated, hence no official release yet.

A bleeding edge download is also available on occasion.

Download: Version Checker

Version checker is only useful if you’ve a WP 2.8 install or later. It will allow you to automatically install and upgrade Semiologic Pro.

To install Semiologic Pro automatically on a WP 2.8+ site, proceed as follows:

  • Upload the version-checker folder to wp-content/plugins
  • Activate the Version Checker plugin
  • Enter your API Key under Settings / Semiologic API Key
  • Browse Tools / Upgrade, and start a reinstall
  • Set the folder permissions, as described in the manual install instructions

Terms of Use

Please mind the terms of use. They have a short version:

  • You may create any number of sites for your own use.
  • You may NOT redistribute the Semiologic Pro theme and the plugins I’ve authored without authorization.

Thank you for respecting the tremendous efforts that were put into this software.

If you would like to set up Semiologic Pro for your customers, please contact us.

Free Installation

Semiologic Pro comes with one free installation upon request.

To take advantage of this service, check your server requirements and open a ticket in the Installation/Upgrades section, with the following details:

  • A confirmation that you’ve checked with your host about the server requirements
  • The url where the site should be installed, e.g.
  • Your host’s control panel’s url, e.g.
  • Your host’s control panel login and password

New site installs usually get tackled within the next two business days.

If you need extra installs or upgrades (or if you’re in a rush), please contact directly for a quote.