Semiologic Pro: Overview

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick and to the point introduction before jumping on the download button.


Semiologic Pro comes with free updates for as long as your membership is running.

Don’t miss the automated upgrades in your site’s admin area (Tools / Upgrade). You’ll receive notifications in your admin area if you activate the version checker plugin.


You can also receive update notifications by subscribing to the newsletter.

The newsletter is a reasonably low volume list (seldom over an email per month). It gets a notice when major updates are released.

Minor releases and bleeding edge releases are announced in the community forum.


A version back, the documentation was built into the interface. It is being moved to this site’s resources section at the time of writing this, as we’ve found this to be more maintainable.

That being said, there is at least one admin screen that you should look into: Settings / SEO, upon activating the Semiologic SEO plugin.

Video Tutorials – WordPress TV

We’ve considered adding a couple on several occasions.

Videos suffer from a major defect, however: Any interface tweak is almost certain to make videos obsolete. The rate at which WordPress has been developing since 2005 ruled them out as a result.

Luckily for everyone, though, the WordPress staff has taken upon themselves to deliver videos on their recently launched The how-to section is certainly worth a visit if you’re new to WordPress.


The best place to ask for help is the community forum. Helpful users read it regularly, in addition to the Semiologic development team. Questions seldom remain unanswered. You can also use our ticketing system.

Value-Added Services

The Semiologic community lists are the best and quickest means to get paid-for support if that is what you are seeking.


Marc ( and I are working on delivering Semiologic Pro hosting. It’s not quite functional yet, in that it’s not a one-click install yet. But we’re getting there. In the meanwhile, Marc will usually get his hands dirty and does the install for you.

If you plan to use Semiologic Pro hosting (and even if you don’t, I’d add, since you’ll have a hard time finding better service levels than what Marc is offering), hop over to the special sign-up form that we’ve set up.


Many thanks for reading this far!

It’s time to hop to the download page, where you’ll find all of the information you need to download the software install your first site.