Pinnacle 2.5 Out

Version 2.5 of the Pinnacle theme has been released.  The primary focus of this release is allowing for additional, and more complex, Header and Footer areas.   Semiologic Reloaded introduced a Header and Footer Boxes Bar to which widgets can be added.  This bar was then added into the Header/Footer.  This provided for columnar type content in those areas.  This functionality was kept in Pinnacle to allow for migration from Reloaded to Pinnacle.Pinnacle Section Panels

As Headers and Footers have expanded and contain more content rows, the Boxes Bar just wasn’t enough.   The Boxes Bar also imposed padding and margins to widgets and a fixed 33.33% width for a widget in the bar.   Starting with this release, Pinnacle introduces Header and Footer Sections.  Four each per area.   Similar to the Boxes Bar you can place widgets in these Sections then drop a Section into a Header or Footer.    Widgets have no padding or margins associated with them.  They also occupy 100%, 50%, 33.33% or 25% depending on the number of widgets in the Section.  (Obviously you can override widths via the Custom CSS functionality).     These Sections also work with Widget Contexts so you can turn off a whole section for a given page context.

There are some additional ideas around formatting of site layouts these Sections will allow.   I choose to create a new panel for these rather than expand the Boxes Bar.   Simply I didn’t want to risk backwards compatibility and breaking existing sites and custom skins, by introducing more flexibility and customibility.   Both Boxes Bar and Sections will co-exist for now.

As has been case, our themes remain free.  You’ll find the full change log below.

2.5 Change Log:

– Added: Header Section 1 – 4 for more Header configuration and styling options (Header Boxes Bar remains for backwards compatibility)
– Added: Footer Section 1 – 4 for more Header configuration and styling options (Footer Boxes Bar remains for backwards compatibility)
– Added: External Fonts links can now be added under Semiologic->Fonts.
– Added: New classes added to Header/Footer Boxes Bar, Header/Footer Sections, Top/Bottom Body Sidebars div specifying number of widgets contained in each bar (ex: widget-count-3)
– Added: top_body_sidebar_content, bottom_body_sidebar_content, header_section_content and footer_section_content, header_boxes_content and footer_boxes_content inner classes for additional styling ability
– Changed: _section classes (body, header, footer, wrapper) changed to _container
– Changed: Custom CSS page now reflects latest Panels and styling divs
– Changed: javascript helper file now minimized

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