Forums Capability Removed

Way back the Support Forums were put in place to provide support for the various plugins and themes from us and others in the Semiologic community.   however, they have gone neglected for quite a while now.  A big problem with them is they used Vanilla to provide the technology behind them.  Vanilla has gone through several iterations and a major release that deviated from the 1.x we used.  With the 2.x versions some of the add-ons aren’t available.   The user registration capability just caused all sorts of grief and spammers and keeping them in check basically broke ability for new VALID users to register and post.

The long and and the short….. the value the forums provides isn’t work the effort needed to keep it going and maintained.   The forums are now offline and users should use the support contact form instead.

Thanks.   All part of streamlining things are we press into the future.


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