State of the Semio

We may have been a little amiss in not keeping the blog posts up-to-date.  Rest assure things continue to move along with Semiologic efforts.

  • The Semiologic Pinnacle theme was official released so that updates could be provided to via the Version Checker/Auto-Update mechanism.  to that end version 2.1 of Pinnacle was just pushed out that tweaks a few things as well as adds support for child themes in addition to the primary mechanism of panels and widgets.
  • Ongoing releases to the plugins have been occurring.   The External Links plugin has received a lot of attention lately driven by plugin forum activity and requests.
  • We are thinning down some of the plugins that have outlived their usefulness.    In 2015 there will be a lot of work around the plugins and repackaging of them to provide by support and maintenance.  Frankly there are just too many right now and keeping up with the quarterly WordPress releases is very time-consuming.
  • Work is still needed to the Pinnacle skins bundled with the theme.   A lot of custom skin effort has occurred with over 30+ sites running Pinnacle each with their own skin and all responsive.  The new theme makes this a breeze and have yet to run into a significant gaps.
  • As mentioned above there was a need to create a child theme off of Pinnacle.   This led to a Feature Panel home page child theme allowing for 4 different content areas.   This got accomplished with maybe 40 lines of total code.  So I suspect there will be more of these type of things coming up.


So things continue to press on.   With the Pinnacle theme efforts and custom work taking up lots of 2014, look for more changes to the theme and plugins being the focus of 2015.

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    • Henry,

      Most of the focus has been on the Pinnacle theme as it is really “Semiologic Reloaded 2.0”. The new theme was created so that backwards compatibility could be sacrificed in some cases.

      In regards to the Reloaded theme if there are specific functionality you need please fire off an email. In most cases bugs found in the Pinnacle theme are backported to Reloaded if they apply. As Semiologic and Semiologic Reloaded have been around for quite a while, the are very stable and bugs are pretty infrequent.


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