For those of you that have visited the forums you know that we’ve been working on the new Semiologic Pinnacle theme.   After needing to make a few more tweaks around the footer area ( to accommodate more layout possibilities around the navigation), things seem pretty stable now.   It’s running on about 20 sites we’ve built custom skins for.

On the WordPress 4.0 front, no real news of anything breaking.   For being a “4.0” release, (which any other company besides Automattic would treat a major release), no real impact, nor changes.   There appears to be about 30 open bugs against it in WordPress Trac but nobody really seems to be working on them.

So the 4.0 compatibility releases will be rolling out next and then the official Pinnacle release (with finished skins).    They’ll be a bunch of retooling around the plugins, subscriptions and such that will be the focus then.

So things continue to progress though not always blogged about endlessly.


(btw… we do have that single Google ad running off to the right.   We mostly do it to test out the Ad-Manager plugin.   Since Google wants to serve up ads based on site content, it doesn’t really happen on a local development server to see what is occurring.)

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