Semiologic SEO Version 2.6 Released

A new version of the Semiologic SEO plugin has just been released.   The main driver for the release was fixing a bug introduced in version 2.5 that prevented you from saving your Google Publisher url in the settings screen.   Obviously that needed to be fixed.   While in there I went ahead and added meta robots directives that will prevent Google, Bing and others from keeping indexing the extraneous WordPress Archive type pages and out of the search result listings.

Hence the WordPress Archive and Special pages will now have the following meta robots directives:

  • Date archives – noindex, follow
  • Author archives –  noindex, follow
  • Tag archives  –  noindex, follow
  • Category archives –  index, follow (actually the meta robots line is simply not present in the html output)
  • Search results pages –  noindex, follow
  • 404 pages –  noindex, follow

Full 2.6 changelog:

  • Archive type pages – author, date, tags and search and 404 pages are now set to ‘noindex, follow’ to removing indexing of these pages.  Category pages will continued to be indexed.
  • Tweak the Page and Post Title & Meta box.
    • Moved up higher on page editor.
    • Clarified purpose by changing to SEO Title & Meta
    • Removed incorrectly displayed ‘Home’ from field labels
  • Make sure field input is properly sanitized.
  • Fixed: Google Publisher entry was not being saved after change made in 2.5.

Note in version 2.5,  the entry of the home page Google Authorship capability was removed as Google simply stated, “don’t do that!”  Your individual google+ profile should only be linked to single blog posts, pages and author pages.


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