Semiologic Cache 2.6 Released

Version 2.6 of the Semiologic Cache has been released.    The new release new features as well as a few bug fixes:

  • Added ability to manually disable caching for a page.
  • Pages that include the Semiologic Contact Form widget are no longer cached. Caching conflicted with spam prevention techniques and was resulting in occasional false positives.
  • Fix invalid operation warning message in the cache-fs.php file
  • Updated htaccess caching rules

Manual Disabling of Page Cache

The new release adds the ability to manually exclude a page from the static cache.   It supports 2 detection methods to not cache a page.

1) If the text ‘sem_do_not_cache’ is found anywhere on the page, the plugin simple ignores generating a static version of the page.

If you’re using the Semiologic Script Manager plugin, you can add


to the header area when editing the page. Alternatively you can drop the <!–sem_do_not_cache–> into the HTML tab or a page to add to the page content. The tag be hidden in the page content.


2) If the PHP constant DONOTCACHEPAGE is set to ‘true’, caching of the page is ignored.

define( ‘DONOTCACHEPAGE’, true );

Note: Asset caching (css and js) still occurs. This flag only effects static page caching.

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