Free Semiologic Plugins for WordPress 3.8 Released

I've gone ahead and released  the 14 free WordPress plugins compatible with WordPress 3.8.   These plugins are hosted both here on the Semiologic site in the Software area, as well as, on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The released 14 plugins:

  • Admin Menu
  • Author Image
  • Auto Thickbox
  • Autolink URI
  • Bookmark Me
  • Do Follow
  • External Links
  • Fancy Excerpt
  • Frame Buster
  • Opt-In Front Page
  • Subscribe Me
  • Unfancy Quote
  • Uploads Folder
  • XML Sitemaps
These 14 plugins should be appearing on your site under Update notifications and the Version Checker Mass Update functionality.

The remaining Semiologic plugins and theme will be released over the next few days.   Please follow this blog for future announcements.