Semiologic Fixes Version 2.3 Released

Version 2.3 of Semiologic Fixes is needed to run Semiologic on WordPress 3.7/3.8.    One of the features of this plugin is that is automatically configured the TinyMCE editor toolbar with additional commonly used buttons.   In doing this additional TinyMCE  plugins were bundled with the sem-fixes plugin.   Problem is that new major/minor releases of TinyMCE often required the need to upgrade the included plugins and provide different versions depending on what version of WordPress you were using.   Let’s just say this is a pain.   So going forward I’m dropping the TinyMCE functionality and instead will rely on/recommend the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.    Semiologic Fixes will initialize the TinyMCE plugin for you.  After that you’re free to alter as you see fit.

This version of Semiologic Fixes also includes:

  • Added custom wp_redirect function to better handle browser 301 caching glitches.
  • Disable automatic WordPress updating (sets AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED to ‘true’).
  • Added back some post/page revision limiting.  If you do not specifically set the WP_POST_REVISIONS constant in your wp-config.php file, revisions will now be limited to 5 revisions deep.   If you do not wish to have any revisions set WP_POST_REVISIONS to false.  If you want unlimited revisions then set WP_POST_REVISIONS to true.  You can also specify your own number .  See Revisions in the WordPress Codex for more information.

And yes as you see from the list above I have disabled automatic updating of WordPress.    Having WordPress simply upgrade itself outside of the release cycles of themes and plugins just isn’t a good idea.   A debate for another time.    If you would like to reenable upgrading set AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED to ‘false’ in wp-config.php and then plugin will respect your wishes.


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