Focusing on WordPress 3.8 Instead

As the folks at Automattic have decided to push new WordPress releases more frequently, trying to keep up as a WordPress theme and plugin author is quite a task. WP 3.7 dropped a few weeks ago but now WP 3.8 is targeted for December 12th. Performing compatibility testing against 3.7 only to jump right back into testing against 3.8 isn’t making much sense to me. As WP 3.7 really doesn’t buy anything but an automatic update feature and some bug fixes (though 3000+ remain open), we’re just going to focus on WP 3.8 instead. 3.8 introduces new widget administration, new admin ui and a variety of other features.

As for 3.7 I haven’t seen any issues with the semiologic theme or plugins. There will be some plugin releases here and there to fix some bugs and introduce new features. I haven’t tested out Version Checker against it yet so there may be some issues around it given the new update functionality.

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