WordPress 3.7 testing on-going

Yes, yet another WordPress release and the need to test all plugins and the theme for compatibility.   It is probably best as a WordPress user to let this 3.7 soak for a little bit.   There is already a 3.7.1 release getting pushed out to fix things 3.7 broke.     Now that WP supports automatic updates it will be interesting to see how frequently releases get pushed.   This will be an interesting test case release.

Well now they’re targeting WP 3.8 for December.   These every few month release are quite a drain on plugin and theme developers.    At this pace trying to support 60+ plugins is becoming very impractical.   They really need to rethink how often WP is being released annually given how widespread it is used.   For personal blogs and tiny websites it is no big deal.   The enterprise/business users won’t keep up with a cycle like this.



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