Semiologic Google Analytics Version 5.0 Out Now

Semiologic Google Analytics 5.0 is a major release of the plugin and adds new Event tracking capabilities and better insights into your site’s traffic.

Audience Overview -  Google Analytics

Version 5.0 includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Added option to turn on cross-domain tracking.   This allows you to traffic your main site and subdomains in a consolidated set of data.
  • Outbound links are now tracked as Events as well as Pageviews
  • File downloads, mailto: and tel: links now tracked as events
  • Added Keyword Ranking tracking code per A New Method to Track Keyword Ranking using Google Analytics
  • Internal links that start with http:// were incorrectly being tracked as outbound links
  • Fixed conflict with the wp-polls plugin that caused the tracking code to be included twice
  • Updated help links in the Settings screen to latest Google help information
  • WordPress 3.6 compatibility
  • PHP 5.4 compatibility

Events Tracking

With the new Events tracking enhancements you can see when your visits download a file, click on a mailto link, or click on an outgoing link and which ones.

Google Analytics Event Tracking
Google Analytics Event Tracking


Keyword Rank Tracking

With the new Keyword Ranking tracking code (per A New Method to Track Keyword Ranking using Google Analytics) you can see what Google search terms your visitors used to get to your site and the ranking position on the page.   As you are aware the position in Google’s results varies from user to user based on Google’s algorithm.   This capability allow you to see how you place for each of these users.


Please remember that the Semiologic Google Analytics is only available to Semiologic Pro Members with a valid subscription.

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