Semiologic Reloaded Theme Version 1.2

Now out is version 1.2 of the Semiologic Reloaded WordPress theme.    This version has been tested against WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.4.

Version 1.2 includes:

    • Initial implementation of editor style to match the selected skin and fonts when editting a page and post
    • Compressed presentation of skin and layout pages display
    • Added missing required WP css class rules
    • New fonts added in version 1.0 and 1.1 are now available as choices in the custom css editor.
    • Added new .main_content and .sidebar_content css class for additional skinning options
    • Use size_format in place of deprecated wp_convert_bytes_to_hr function
    • WP 3.6 compatibility
    • PHP 5.4 compatibility

Additionally you will now see your Post and Page revisions in the editor in you are a Pro member.   Previously this had been disabled by the Semiologic Fixes plugin due to performance issues in the revision implementation.   With WordPress 3.6 Post Revisions received a complete overhaul.   If you wish to turn these back off, you’ll need to set an entry in your wp-config.php file.  See the instructions in the WordPress Codex.


I am planning for the next release of Semiologic Reloaded to coincide with the fall WordPress 3.7 release.   This will be a major release and be updated to be a fully responsive theme.  I also plan on improving child pages support for menus and in widget contexts.    If there is some feature or enhancement you are dying for, please make your voice heard.   I can’t promise it will make the release but I will consider all requests.

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