Author Image Plugin Version 4.3 Released

Version 4.3 of the Author Image Plugin  has been released.   Besides compatibility with WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.4, this version adds 2 new features.

  • The first enhancement is that an alternative link can be set when you click on the Author’s Image.  Previous versions would link to the standard WordPress /author/authorname permalink.   For example, a site may have an “About Me” page for the author you would want to link to.   There is a new setting in the User’s Profile entry that allows a different url to be entered.  If this field is set then this is the url used in for the image.  If empty the standard /author/authorname link is used.
  • The second enhancement centers around gravatars.   This version will now use the Author’s Image for his/her gravatar in comments and posts as implemented by the theme developer.   Previously you’d have an image for the author but if you never established a record at the gravatar site, a default image would be used.   Now the same image is used for both the Author Image widget display and the author’s gravatar.


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