WordPress and Semiologic Longetivity

On May 27th, WordPress officially turned 10 years old.   Numerous celebrations were held around the globe and creators Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little both blogged about its milestone anniversary (Dear WordPress and  WordPress 10th Anniversary, respectively).   I know that Semiologic has been around for quite a while, but I wasn’t sure just how long ago Denis started working on it.

I emailed Denis to see if he remembered and he actually pointed me right back to this blog.  Denis has been blogging here since January 2005 and one of those older posts may yield the answer.   I found a post from March 30, 2005 announcing the release of the dofollow plugin (The dofollow plugin for WordPress), which was Denis’ first plugin he created.    This still doesn’t answer the Semiologic theme question though.

After more digging I found Semiologic theme and CMS, v2 released posted on April 22, 2005.   I couldn’t find an actual post announcing a version 1 release, but we do know Semiologic has been around since April of 2005 and was probably at version 1 in March.   Still this makes Semiologic over 8 years old!   Definitely one of the early “premier”, commercial WordPress themes in the market.

In 21 months Semiologic will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary.  I don’t think there will be worldwide events to commemorate the day, but perhaps we will all raise a glass in unison to acknowledge Denis’ creation.

update: While as I crafting this Matt just posted  Ten Good Years on the WordPress.org news site.

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