Semiologic SEO version 2.3 released

After reading the recent article, “5 common mistakes with rel=canonical” on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, it inspired me to finish some of the improvements I had begun making to the Semiologic SEO a few months back.   In version 2.1,  I had added improved rel=canonical support.   With this version 2.3 release, I added the missing rel=”next” and rel=”prev” link tags for multi-page blog posts and collections, such as the blog page and archive lists, that span multiple pages.

Along with the changes in 2.3:

  • Added prev and next adjacent canonical links for multi-page and series of pages, such as blog pages
  • Fixed duplicate title for multi-page blog posts
  • Fixed setting of canonical link for the blog page

the following changes were made in 2.2:

  • Fix meta description tag not being set for home page
  • Clarified SEO->Settings field usage as being for the home page.

Version 2.3 has been pushed to the Semiologic update server.  You should see an upgrade notification when you log into your site’s backend.


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