Semiologic Reloaded Theme Version 1.0 Released!

I have finally released version 1.0 of the Semiologic Reloaded Theme.   Though this theme has now been in production and used on thousands of websites, it never reached a “1.0” version number.   The last official release was 0.9.7.   Well that has finally changed!

Besides being made compatible with WordPress 3.5, the Semiologic Reloaded Theme  includes a slew of new improvements

  • Adds support for new WP 3.4+ theme classes
  • Microformats support
  • Author byline under post/page title, configurable via the Entry:Header widget
  • Author name in posts and pages now links to author page
  • Author page now supports displaying the Author Image and provides additional css skinning options
  • Post feature image can now be disabled for post entries via the Entry:Content widget.
  • PHP code now natively supported in text widgets.
  • Text widgets now allow shortcodes including video embeds
  • Convert to HTML5 tags
  • Added Helvetica and Lucinda font stacks to available default fonts
  • Added post/page-post_name css class for more specific post/page skinning
  • Theme upgrades now preserve custom skins and added template files
  • W3C HTML and CSS Validation improvements
  • Replaced deprecated WP functions
  • Fix .entry link overflow wrapping
  • Fix php lint warnings and errors
  • Fix unknown index warnings

For Semiologic Pro members with activate memberships, you should receive notification in your WordPress Dashboard.   Those people with expired memberships or simply using the theme stand alone, you can download the theme directly from the  Semiologic Reloaded Theme page.


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