Semiologic SEO version 2.1 released

This is probably one of the more exciting updates so far.  This Semiologic SEO release adds support for Google Authorship. For those that have a Google+ account, your photo can now show up along side Google search results. Details on setting this up are at the end of this post.

Enhanced and fixed in this release are:

  • Google+ authorship including new Profile contact fields for Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Fixed duplicate titles on archive, category, author, tags page where there are 2 or more pages
  • Additional rel=canonical entries for home and archive, category, author, tags pages
  • Fix: Sem-cache now flushed on SEO options change
  • Fix: Silence PHP warning for ob_start call

To setup Google Authorship:

  1. Go to Users->Your Profile and enter your Google+ user profile link under Google+.
  2. Save Profile.
  3. Go to Settings->SEO
  4. You need to select which author to use for the Google+ Authorship for the websites homepage.
  5. Under Google Plus Publisher, enter the url of the business’ Google+ page. (if applicable)
  6. Save.
  7. That’s it. The plugin will add meta link data into your site’s header section for the homepage and then posts & pages.

On the Google+ side of things….

Semiologic SEO is a premium plugin that is part of the Semiologic Pro package.


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