Semiologic Cache Version 2.3

Semiologic Cache has been released.   This version, compatible with WordPress 3.5,  greatly improves caching performed by this plugin including adding support GZIP compression and browser asset (javascript, css, image, etc.) expiration.   Additionally a major bug in the prior version caused static page caching not to function if not using memcache on the server.     This has been resolved now.

Improvement to the plugin include:

  • Updated mobile User Agents including better of detection Opera mobile browsers and Android Tablets
  • Asset cache is now cleared when Scripts & Meta is updated, theme is switched or plugins are activated/deactivated
  • Flush cache on User Profile update due to added Google+ Authorship
  • Fix PHP warning message deleting non-existent file.
  • Fix static caching as WP_CACHE was not being written to wp-config.php
  • Add mod_expires and mod_mime sections.
  • Added more mod_deflate filters
  • Add cache control headers

Script Manager version 1.2.1 has been released in companion to Semiologic Cache to support flushing of the cache upon header and footer scripts changes.

I do want to point out that currently caching is only provided for non-mobile websites.  The plugin will detect mobile devices and serve up the the non-cached page.    Also, while this plugin is part of the Semiologic Pro package, it will provide WordPress caching on non-Semiologic websites just fine.


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