First batch of plugins updated for WordPress 3.5 compatibility released

As previously posted I’ve been working on updating the Semiologic theme and plugins to work with WordPress 3.5.   I am happy to announce that I have published the first 14 plugins.   These plugins are hosted both here on the Semiologic site in the Software area, as well as, the WordPress Plugin Directory. All the plugins were gone through to remove any PHP warnings and replace any WordPress deprecated functions.

The released 14 plugins, with notable changes, are:

  • Admin Menu – This broke with WP 3.3.   This is fixed now.  Caveat is that this only provides the menu on the website.  The WordPress Admin Toolbar cannot be removed as of WP 3.3+.
  • Author Image – Plugin broke with WP 3.5 due to deprecated WP functions no longer working.  This is fixed now.
  • Auto Thickbox – Supports AJAX content.  Back port a few other bugs fixed in the Auto Thickbox Plus plugin (props)
  • Autolink URI- Add support for urls containing colons and port numbers.   Autolinking is no longer performed within text enclosed by quotes.   This fixed issues with url specified in shortcodes.
  • Bookmark Me – Refreshed all services to make current with today’s most used social sites including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Do Follow
  • External Links
  • Fancy Excerpt
  • Frame Buster
  • Opt-In Front Page
  • Subscribe Me – Removed Newsgator service and What’s This? help link
  • Unfancy Quote
  • Uploads Folder
  • XML Sitemaps – Added pinging of Bing and dropped Yahoo!
These 14 plugins should be appearing on your site under Update notifications and the Version Checker Mass Update functionality.

The remaining Semiologic plugins and theme will be released over the next days/week.   Please follow this blog for future announcements.


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