WordPress 3.2 Release Notes

Better a bit late than never… WordPress 3.2, as you may have noted in your admin screens, has been released.

Most of the changes in this version are under the hood. The one you’ll likely notice the most (unless you’re using the full screen editor) is improved speed at which WP updates occur. It leverages an improved file system API and checks that files were actually updated before overwriting them.

Two things broke from 3.1 to 3.2. The jQuery library got an update with incompatible changes, as did the WordPress HTTP API (which I had been monkey-patching).

The jQuery update had no effect any of my own plugins, but it may cause quirks in other plugins. If javascripts related to this or that plugin stop working when you upgrade, please notify the appropriate maintainer.

The HTTP API change broke Version Checker. This means that you should upgrade Version Checker before proceeding to upgrade WordPress. (Upgrade it manually if it’s too late, i.e. download it and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder using FTP.)

Version Checker left aside, there are three noteworthy in the batch of updates that I’m uploading in the background:

  • Author Image adds two defines (the documentation should update itself shortly) that allow to customize (from your wp-config.php file) the maximum size of subsequently uploaded author images.
  • Widget Contexts had a slight change in its workflow. A page now picks up both the section and the template context. (Previously, it would only respond to one of the two — irrespective of whether the context was significant or nor.)
  • Semiologic Reloaded now adds a unique CSS class, to allow for easier skinning.

So, again. Upgrade Version Checker, then safely upgrade WordPress and the rest of Semiologic Pro from within WordPress.

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