WordPress 3.0: pre-release notes

Otherwise known as WP 3.0-related plugin/theme update, round two. The theme and plugins all work with WP 3.0 as far as I’ve been testing — including multisite environments. Key changes:

  • When in a multisite environment, some plugin administration screens and features are only available to super admins. This is usually for security reasons — the Script Manager, for instance, requires unfiltered HTML capabilities.
  • A few theme and plugin features are disabled entirely when in a multisite environment. The Semiologic theme’s custom CSS feature, in particular, since it would end up shared between sites. The filesystem-based static cache is another example, since flushing is rather resource extensive for larger sites.
  • I introduced a few UI tweaks, e.g. in Google Analytics, but nothing that should make anyone feel not at home.
  • The Semiologic theme supports the new WP 3.0 custom background handling feature.
  • Generally speaking, things continue to work as they did in the past for standalone WordPress installations.

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m NOT recommending to jump on 3.0 when it gets released. It’s no big deal if you do, and don’t worry if you did. If you haven’t yet by the time you read this, it’s no big deal either if you don’t. I’ll probably be waiting until this Autumn.

As a reminder, the updated Version Checker will disable the WP upgrade nag if you’re running WP 2.9.2. If you wish to give WP 3.0 a try nonetheless, you’ll still be able to do so from the WordPress upgrader (Tools / Upgrade).

Happy blogging!

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  1. Found ticket 13971 while wading through “all my images are broken” support threads. Saw your comments on 13583. The political tilt is a bit off topic, but I agree, the changeset was useless and is damaging some upgrades and breaking countless links in and between blogs.

  2. The part I’m finding sickliest, personally, is the amount of WP 3.0 problem threads in the WP support forum. There even is a long one on how to downgrade back to 2.9.2. This new version really needed a few more months of testing in the wild, and a lot more QA. Oh well…

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