WP 3.0 related theme and plugin updates

Yep, it’s that time of the year already: WP 3.0 is nearing release time, and many of you are looking forward to trying the new bells and whistles.

I’ve published a batch of theme and plugin updates, for those of you who run test sites that are powered by bleeding edge packages. (This is configurable under Settings / Semiologic API Key when Version Checker is enabled.) There probably will be a round two in a week or so.

The most visible changes in WP 3.0 are a menu editor and the multisite functionality. A lot of dust needs to settle on both of these fronts. Don’t get overexcited about the second one: maintaining multiple domains using a unique WP installation is for the technically oriented minds only.

WP 3.0 also introduces less visible but nonetheless massive changes in the post publishing and administration flows. These introduce the potential for custom post types. They additionally work around a series of long standing defects. Sadly, both came at the cost of introducing new potential quirks in plugins — and several of my own plugins did, in fact, break because of them.

Considering the extent of these changes, I’ll be avoiding WP 3.0 until this winter. The next Version Checker update will let you do the same at your option: if your site is up to date and running WP 2.9.2, you won’t see WP upgrade nags until WP 3.1.1. (You can of course upgrade WP under Tools / Upgrade if you still want to.)

Happy blogging!

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  1. Installed WordPress 3.0-beta2-14676 and MU subdomains work fine (after proper settings of DNS and VirtualHost).
    Ease of background changing feature in 3.0 is cool as well.

  2. Hi Denis. Custom backgrounds are core and can be used with any theme that registers support for it; it’s not just in Twenty Ten. You can add support with one line in your functions.php file:



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