America’s chance to end too big to fail…

Here’s a glimpse of sunshine in the mess of an economy that we’ve been going through since 2008: HR 5159 / S 3733.

It’s 20 pages long and reasonably understandable. It breaks down to:

  1. Strong limits to mark to fantasy and off balance sheet vehicles.
  2. Strong limits to the size (as a percentage of GDP) and leverage of banks and financial institutions.
  3. No obvious loopholes (but then, IANAL).

Consider contacting your representative and senator about it. In particular, remind them to resist any bank lobbyists’ efforts to add loopholes in there.

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  1. Denis, with all due respect,

    I buy your souped up Semiologic Pro on an annual basis because of the quality of your product, and not because of your politcal views.

    While this is your website, and the product is yours, your expression of your political ideaology on this site, unfortuately, is providing me with pause to reconsider my choice in using your product — even as good as it is.

    Might I suggest the provision of a link to a category with your political views out there so people who might elect to read them can select the category to read your views, which I might actually ELECT to do because I’m politically-oriented. However, not everybody who might wish to acquire your product, not knowing the quality, would want to after seeing your political views expressed on the front page of your website.

    The political views in the U.S. have never been more polar than they are now…somebody’s either going to like your views, or they aren’t.

    You have a remarkable product.

    Dave Briggman
    Rockingham County, Virginia

  2. Likewise, IANAL either! S-3733 is an amendment to S-3217 which is the original Senator Dodd bill “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010.” This amendment does remove the original bill’s intent to trample over states rights with respect to insurance company regulations. But I am concerned about a couple of provisions in this amendment that seem to leave the doors wide open. For example, on page 6 under (C)(i) there is an exemption of the ratio requirements that is very loosely defined. This may leave us tax-paying citizens on the hook should an institution be exempted from reporting and still fail. Another concern is on page 18 under (2) the proposed amendment to 15 USC 78m – leaves the opportunity for financial institutions to apply for an exclusion to report off balance sheet liabilities. Again, this could be used as a loophole to play hide-and-seek with bad debt.

    Senator Dodd’s original bill is horrendous. It leaves several opportunities for government abuse as well as sets up a “permanent” bail out fund. What I find amazing is the amount of money banks and other institutions are giving to Dodd in support of this bill (see It’s no wonder… they can play fast and loose with their investments; fail; and get a bailout.

    I think we all need to contact our respective senators and congressional representatives and ask for real regulatory reform – not a blank bailout check!

  3. @Dave: I never got the impression I was endorsing any part of the political spectrum…

    FWIW, my interest is limited to suggesting that financial institutions ought to stick to doing their job — i.e. efficient capital allocation. I can’t think of anyone (except the bankers themselves) who wouldn’t find this desirable.

    Point taken, though.

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