Collateral murder – Wikileaks

Someone needs to smoke a few criminals out of the Pentagon…

The sickliest part of this story, by the way, is that the Pentagon couldn’t have released the video even if they wanted to.

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  1. I have watched this video many times and I am depressed by the fact that helpless innocents were hurt–there were children there. I see no logic behind all of this. :-(

  2. Where was your video when the Twin Towers in New York was hit? Where was your video when the USS Cole was hit? Where is your video to stop the insane terrorist from bombing railways, planes, and embassies?

    Christ said there will be wars and rumors of wars until that last day. War is terrible…But I think you’re pointing at the wrong people.

  3. War is terrible. Especially when you’re in it. There were armed individuals with RPG’s and AK-47’s. Those weapons are DEADLY when you’re on the wrong side of them. What would you suggest our armed forces do? Invite them for coffee? Send one of our children (many marines are about 19) over to talk with them and ask that they fight like real mean and note wrap themselves up with women and children? Honestly, the time to worry about civilians is before the war starts. Once it starts, anything can happen. That’s in the definition of war. Further, our military training puts much more emphasis on preservation of civilian life than many others and the the enforcement ROE (rules of engagement) is unsurpassed. So, for those of you who think there are criminals and murderers over there.. why don’t you talk about what you would have done in the face of armed men and a directive to control that sector of the city. I’m listening and interested.

  4. Before you comment, consider persons who have actually been on the receiving end of the weapons carried by the men in the film. If you haven’t been shot at by someone who is earnestly trying to kill you, it’s hard to understand the motivation behind what soldiers do in war. The time to worry about civilian casualties is before you send troops in. Once war starts, then the American children (many Marines are 19 or so) need to protect their own lives as well as accomplish a mission in the face of armed individuals who don’t want them to. So I ask the persons who have commented so far… what would you have done if you were there? Ask the men to chat over some strong coffee? Walk towards them and ask them to leave the area? Shoot to wound? The US armed forces have some of the most rigorously enforced ROE (Rules of Engagement) in the world. The fact is, that in war, everyone in the field is at risk. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  5. I think what bothers me the most is how positive these men are about killing people. Taking a human life in any situation, even in war and as a soldier, should never be something taken lightly let alone laughed at like one of the gentlemen do on the voice over. If this is the way the American military handles its work, this deeply bothers me. Even if this situation has been with real insurgents, working in this matter is highly inappropriate. At one point, firing on people who are clearly only picking up injured people and dead bodies, is irresponsible.

  6. I appreciate the fact that you have posted this here. I think we need to have these types of visuals in front of us otherwise they fade from memory. How can this be justified?

    This is not “Collateral” damage. This is murder – pure and simple.

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