The iPad is a game changer

Since January, a part of me has been deeply chewing on how the iPad might affect the internet marketing business — and my own.

Here’s a graph (hat tip, the Japan Times) that you may want to give thoughts to, if it hasn’t occurred to you yet that this new tablet might make you revisit your business model:

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    • @chris: I’m not sure yet.

      I can easily picture several slates per household by the end of the decade. (And much earlier if the economy recovers enough for people to get back to spending.)

      It’s like… between sitting at a desk to browse the web, and lying on a couch or outdoors in a coffee place, I don’t hesitate much. :-P

      Then, consider this thing in the hands of a 6-year old. Talk about an amazing plaything…

      Or in a business environment… for slideshows, to manage inventory, medical data, etc.

      Generally speaking, there’s something in a slate’s format that beats everything out of something the size of an iPod touch (which is too small) and small laptops (which aren’t convenient to use while standing or while sitting in a couch).

      I suppose we’ll see, but if my suspicions are correct, at least part of the high value web (i.e. applications) might move from HTML interfaces to Cocoa interfaces very quickly.

  1. This is a very interesting posting that I found because we have a WP issue.

    I bought an ipad and I love it. I also have a desktop iMac with external monitor, an Apple laptop, a PC laptop, an iphone and now an ipad. I love the ipad and it compliments all the others.

    The PC is pretty useless except for a few programs.

    The iMac is great.

    The Apple laptop is great for traveling and doing work – before the ipad.

    The iPad is a convenient, light, long battery, portable device. Forget using an iphone to text or surf the web. But, it is a convenient smartphone although for me it is a little fragile. I have sent it in for repairs 4 times because I dropped it.

    Skype on the iPad is crystal clear. I love it. Great for facebook, emailing, twittering. For some reason, the social networks are easier to read and navigate on an iPad than a computer monitor. The touchscreen on an iPad is great!

    Thanks for your great content and I will buy your software when we make another blog.

    Noel Moitre

  2. Tablet PC is the new generation of computing device… iPad is the start of it and lot of work is still to be done. PC Manufacturer are started the work and joined the latest tablet WAR…

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