Updates coming up this week…

A whole bunch of Semiologic Pro plugins, and the theme, need a last round of testing before I release updates.

Key changes since early January, on the top of my head:

  • The Semiologic theme automatically resets its panels when needed (e.g. after weird series of events when previewing and not enabling the theme).
  • It also fixes WP 2.9 thumbnail cropping.
  • Cache flush fixes in Smart Links and Widgets.
  • Sem Cache fixes for Apache 1.3 servers.
  • Version Checker now works around quite a few transport problems in WP.
  • It also drops theme/plugin update nags when a manual upgrade occurs.

A whole bunch of other minor tweaks also went in.

If you’re interested in testing this all on your Semiologic Pro installation, browse Settings / Semiologic API Key to enable bleeding edge packages. And then Tools / Semiologic to upgrade the theme and the plugins. (Upgrade Version Checker first, so as to use the transport fixes where needed.)

In other news:

  • I’m still working on my backend. It’s not moving forward as fast as I’d like it to. The parts that are nearing completion are very sexy, however.
  • WP 2.9.2 got released. Though I’m sure everyone has upgraded already. (It’s not a major security issue, so no need to rush on it if you haven’t yet.)
  • WP 3.0 is making progress. The update is going to be quite massive, from a code-base standpoint. I’ll post more details in a few weeks.

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    • I can imagine… That specific batch of updates should be quite safe, if you haven’t upgraded your site yet.

      The one I’m dreading, personally, is WP 3.0. I’m expecting it to be an enormous mess. There almost certainly will be a few security releases on the way to making it stable, too.

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