WordPress 2.9.1 release notes

So… if you’ve been following the Semiologic blog in the past weeks, you’ve probably skipped WP 2.9. It’s now time to jump into the pool and upgrade your site to WP 2.9.1.

In order to spare Semiologic Pro users the hassle of needing to upgrade their sites several times this week, I had been stalling a theme update and a rather large number of plugin updates until WP 2.9.1, i.e. today. As noted in a previous post, these updates are nearly all related to the new and improved Semiologic Cache 2.0.

I’ve released the latter too while I was at it. If you had been testing it since it was in beta, be sure to upgrade it before you upgrade WordPress. (I fixed a last minute annoyance earlier today, which made the memcache-based object cache prevent the WP database upgrade from working.)

Unless an urgent issue creeps up, our next stop will be the new back-end. WP 2.9 and Semiologic Cache 2.0 have been keeping me busy in the past weeks, not to mention taking a few much needed days off and rehashing UI ideas all over the place. But, it’s making progress here and there. More on this later in the month.

A happy new year to all!

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  1. I have upgraded to v2.9.1 on the 8th and everything seems to be functioning properly. None of my plugin is giving me any problem. The only thing I am not sure is that I seem to be doing CRON very often, much more than when I was using 2.8.6.

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