WordPress 2.9: three bugs, and how to fix them

As many of you already know, WP 2.9 has been released over the WE, and… oh bummer:

As a result of this:

  • RSS widgets are completely broken on servers that are missing both of iconv and multi-byte string functions;
  • The curl transport is broken on some servers with an outdated library. This breaks the WP cron, and with it future posting, pings, etc.

Not all sites are affected, of course. Most aren’t, in fact. But for those few who are, the situation is frustrating.

Fixing your site

If you have upgraded your sites to WP 2.9 and are experiencing any of these issues, the fix should be a matter of uploading these three patched files to your site(s):

They go in your wp-includes folder; simply overwrite them as needed.

Please note that the fix to the SimplePie/RSS widget problem merely prevents SimplePie from failing when it’s trying to convert UTF-8 into UTF-8. The correct fix would be that your host installs multi-byte string functions or iconv on your server.

Big hat tip to miqrogroove, who took the time to formally diagnose the curl problem, and scribu, who identified where the fatal errors in RSS widgets came from.

Customer reminder

As discussed in a previous post, Semiologic Pro users are advised to wait for WP 2.9.1.

Update: all three bugs are fixed in WP 2.9.1, so we’ll be good to go with that release.

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  1. I’ve read and re-read Ticket #11468 several times in the past 24 hours. That fiasco was a real slap in the face after so many of our *tested* patches got rejected.

  2. OK, used the patch, and suddenly the trackbacks began pouring in. Looks like we have a solution. I have a scheduled post that is expected to be published soon, and I believe it will be OK.
    Thanks again!

      • @Denis:

        I just installed version 2.9.1, and added the Tweety Plugin v. 1.2.1, that uses
        “CURLPROTO_FILE”, and got the same error:

        “CURLPROTO_FILE cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir”

        I installed the patches you recommended, but no change, so I restored the original WP 2.9.1 files. I have seen the same bug appearing on other blogs that have the tweety update. There still seems to be some issue with the curlproto_file function. Any tips?

        • @Randy: The plugin needs to be fixed. Please take this to its author.

          @All: these files are not needed in WP 2.9.1. two of them are strictly identical to the ones I posted, and the last one has a slightly better patch.

  3. Thanks a lot and congratulations to you. I was not affected by the bug myself, but we had a lot of users with this problem in the french community, and I’m very happy to spread the word over there !

  4. I downloaded this patch and unzipped it and uploaded it where you said to put it.

    However, my scheduled post still would not auto publish a full 5 minutes after the scheduled time.

    I had to copy it to a new post erase the old one and publish it manually.

    My server uses php 5.2.11, apache version 2.2.14 (Unix), and MySQL version 5.0.85-community, running Linux.

    What could be wrong? — Oh, yes, an I am not a techie, so the explanation has to be really simple for someone stupid…

    • @jc: The cron relies on your site getting some traffic. It doesn’t necessarily trigger on each page load either, in order to avoid concurrent crons from running. So it could easily take several page loads, a few minutes after your scheduled deadline is passed before it fires.

  5. Just adding my thanks here. Wasn’t even aware of the other bugs yet, but the curl errors appearing atop my plugins page disappeared after installing the patches. Cheers!

  6. Thank you so much for this fix, you’ve really helped out a lot. I’ve had that problem on the missed schedule, and didn’t know what to do.

  7. It’s starting to look like version 2.9.1 will be released before qTranslate is fixed for 2.9. I’m pushing my upgrade target up to 2.9.2 because of that. I’m also feeling pretty comfortable with 2.8.4 now and I can live with orphaned attachments better than a qTranslate implosion.

  8. Hey everyone – this patch worked great for resolving the scheduled posts missing dates, thanks! (especially to miqrogroove – between the forum thread and the trac updates, I know how hard you worked on this :) )

  9. Hi !
    Sorry but didn’t work for me.
    I still have this message although I copied and pasted the files given in the official archive :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_admin() in (…)

    What can I do ?
    It’s been 2 days that my blog gets blank… :-(

    • @Leia: Just guessing… Either the FTP failed miserably (i.e. re-upload), or your wp-config.php file is empty.

      If you need professional support to fix your site, you’re welcome to email sales at semiologic dot com. In the event you do not want any, please be so kind to take that to the WP support forum.

  10. Enjoyed your fixes for these WordPress 2.9 bugs. Luckily I haven’t run into any issues other than a few plug-in breakdowns. WP 2.9 is a pretty solid update, but am still looking for more in WordPress 3.0.

  11. This patch solved my scheduled posts missing dates issue, thanks! I did not not notice any delay in my posting time like some of the guys did. I am not sure of the RSS widgets problem but my kstats seems to be broken. Thanks again for this great patech

  12. EXCELLENT site and I thank you for the fix!!!
    However, only one of my three scheduled posts has reappeared after ten minutes. The other two are still AWOL.
    What’s the deal? I’m not experienced, so there must be something I don’t know.
    Thank you.

  13. How long does it take for all your posts to start showing up? Only one of three after a half hour. Odd that only one would show up.
    Thank you Denis, for pointing me in the direction of this site. I am thrilled and will pimp this site far and wide.

  14. //In the event you do not want any, please be so kind to take that to the WP support forum.//

    That mischievous grin on your face shows your sense of humour! :)


  15. Sorry I broke your code :) Ticket #11649

    p.s. I had to delete my semiologic.com cookies to load your site in this browser. Strange..

  16. my kstats was broken by the 2.9 upgrade, I couldn’t see all the bar in the stats charts, only one day at a time. kstats issue an update a few days back and it solve the problem, now i can can 10 bars at a time.

  17. Good stuff here.

    Thank you for the fixes.
    Before this Patch, I had no RSS Feeds.
    And I am an EPN Affiliate, So even my Ebay Feeds weren’t posting.

    Not sure yet if it’s fixed that issue.
    But I sure am hoping :)

  18. Three bugs fixed, thanks for the solution to a curly problem on the temp site. Wait and see the bugs for 2.9.2 or WP3, before upgrading. My advice is to have testing web site for plugins and upgrades to your admin files.

  19. Your fix worked great for my older site that I recently upgraded to 2.9 Carmen.
    Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Now I can see the incoming links from those posting trackbacks.

  20. I’ve learned its usually best to wait until the extra .1 version with web applications (for example 2.9.1) and then wait a days after that is released until upgrading. Unless you have a really old version or one with security holes. Any minor bugs or forgotten files are usually sorted out once the majority have made the switch and reported back.

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