Version Checker 2.0.2 removes the WP 2.9 update nag

So… according to Matt’s post, WP 2.9 should be released very shortly. I’m releasing Version Checker 2.0.2 as a result.

The latter disables core upgrade nags for non-bug fix WP releases. Experience has shown, in past years, that major WP releases need about an extra month of testing in the wild to be really stable. You can still upgrade, when WP 2.9 gets released, under Tools / Upgrade. But WP won’t nag you into doing so.

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  1. A bit too early in my opinion. And on a week-end, a week before Chirstmas.

    Guys, please do me a favor and upgrade Version Checker instead. Neither Tom, nor I, want to be spending Christmas dealing with WP upgrade related support. ;-)

  2. If one is found, I’ll post a notice and upgrade Version Checker accordingly.

    Just to give you some perspective, the two major WP 2.9 niggles so far:

    – RSS widgets on some hosts
    – cron jobs on some hosts (which breaks future posting, pings, pingbacks, etc.)

  3. Thank God my problem is already solved using your patch. I forgot to set permission before uploading. Now everything seems to be okay and no more missed schedule.

    Thanks everyone.

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