Sign up for free hosting!, which hosts this site, is doing a special promo on December 1st, starting at 00:00 AST (i.e. 23:00 EST), and giving away 15 starter VPS’ for free. (Over-usage charges still apply.)

Please note that this is NOT cPanel hosting … this is a real VPS with real support — of the kind you’ve probably never had — by the very best system administrator I’ve ever encountered.

The Entreprise HA plan, for instance, was created based on my own requirements: that is not one private, but a load-balanced environment instead, so as to minimize the number of single points of failure.

Anyway, highly recommended — even if you’re not one of the lucky 15.

Extra note for my own customers: on, you get to install Semiologic Pro in one click using scripts that I maintain myself. (Non-Semiologic Pro users get to install WordPress using the same scripts.)

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  1. We’re Enterprise customers of Marc’s and Hub.Org. He “Stands” behind his product one hundred percent. His unique hands on approach to customer support is of exceptional quality. We’re loyal and very happy to be Marc’s clients.

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