Worm alert: critical IE6 and IE7 zero-day flaw (updated)

ZDNet is reporting that exploit code for a critical (remotely exploitable) vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 and 7 browsers has been released on the Internet.

Be sure to upgrade to IE8 before a worm is in the wild.

Also, please do internet a favor, and spread the word to your readers. It would greatly benefit all websites if IE6 and IE7 usage dropped as a result of this.

Update: It seems that Opera users are hardly any better off, today.

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    • I wish… It would be soooo cool if that were to happen. :-D

      I don’t mind IE7 much, personally. But IE6 is such a bloody pain… No transparent png support, oddities with margins and paddings all over the place, lack of CSS selectors, the list goes on and on… Getting rid of just *that* would allow to do so much more stuff.

  1. Upgrading IE is on my to-do list. Ironically, the only time I ever use IE is when my other browsers fail to work on my WordPress site.

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