Smart Links 4.2.1, External Links 2.0.1, and a few more tweaks (updated)

Posting this in advance… A couple of plugins are going to be updated over the WE. I’ve uploaded betas for each:

  • Smart Links v.4.2.1 fixes an erratic behavior for domain-less pages
  • Mediacaster v.2.0.1 updates the flash player to 4.6
  • External Links v.4.0.3 and Nav Menus v.2.0.1 get an improved local url detector
  • Semiologic Fixes v.1.9.4 trims junk added by a buggy Skype plugin in FF

Thanks in advance if you test their bleeding edge versions.

Update: I’m finally beginning to find a few quirks in WP 2.9. (Why did I know that it sounded too good to be true?) Nothing’s broken per say — until the trash gets used. You then get some random behavior here and there.

Anyway, a dozen or so plugins and the two themes will see their bleeding edge zip updated during the WE as a result.

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