New Semiologic skins round 2, and WP 2.8.6

Round two for the new Semiologic theme skins.

I’ve spent the past week giving a bit more love to the color schemes. Key changes since the initial public release:

  • The Boxed skins have been reverted to their old “format”. No matter how much I tweaked and tried, they looked either too empty, or too heavy; the old format simply worked better.
  • The Copywriter skins have a more saturated header, and are quite functional now. I’m not 100% happy with them, but they’re much better than the initial new set, as well as the older set. So calling them done.
  • I’ve desaturated the darker color variants somewhat (blue, green, purple, red, teal). I was finding the new versions too flashy for business sites.
  • The various shadows, etc. have been made gentler and subtler. I’m quite happy with the current set of skins. I hope you’ll be happy too.
  • The olive skins have been relabeled to citrus. Don’t forget to switch if you’re using one of them.
  • The six core skins (boxed, classic, classy, copywriter, kubrick, and light) are now all available in beige, blue, citrus, gold, green, purple, red, silver and teal.

So… we’re now at nearly 60 skins in the theme. I dearly hope everyone will find at least one that fits for his or her site.

Quick aside on WP 2.8.5 and WP 2.8.6. The security issue fixed in 2.8.5 was benign so I didn’t bother updating Sem Pro. 2.8.6 is nastier if you’ve untrustworthy authors on your site.

WP 2.8.6 is currently included in the Sem Pro zip. Browse Tools / Upgrade, and re-install if you need/want to use it. It’ll install the new theme and skins while it’s at it. Else, safely wait for another week or so; I’ll have updated Version Checker by then, allowing for a WP upgrade without upgrading the theme alongside.

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  1. Denis
    There is a conflict between what you say about WP 2.8.6 being included in current zip – (which is still labelled as Oct 5th) – and what is happening when I upgrade with Version Checker 2.0.rc5 – which leaves my sites at WP 2.8.4.


    • @Bruce Bird: Odd… well, the advertised change date for that zip is junk. I merely forgot to change it in the database. It contains 2.8.6, too (I’m using it on this site).

      At any rate, don’t worry about it: it’s a mere matter of days before I release Version Checker 2.0. That one will stick to installing Sem Pro, and then worry about theme and plugin upgrades only, rather than Sem Pro upgrades.

  2. As Bruce mentioned, that Nov 14 version of sem-pro is all old stuff.
    It contains WP 2.8.4 and over a dozen of outdated plugins and themes.
    The newest file is dated Oct.5.

  3. Hi, currently all my blog turn into blank pages. I have more then a dozen of them. I understand that is due to wp 2.8.5 security issue, and after research there is a backdoor loophole for this security issue.

    I was told to do a upgrade to 2.8.6 version to solve the security issue.

    Please advice

  4. Dennis,

    Question for you (considering buying the Pro version)

    I think I have an old version of Semiologic on my high traffic Fitness Blog.

    I believe this was a customized version of Semiologic that the guys over at were using to install blogs for their members.

    I Love my theme and it is kicking butt. I am getting 5,000-7,000 unique visitors per day and I don’t want to change the look at all.

    Would it be possible to take the new version of Semiolgic Pro and keep my blog looking 100% the same.

    The reason I ask is that the version I am using hasn’t been upgraded in years and now that I have upgraded to the newest version of WP…I am experiencing a lot of strange bugs and errors.

    Any help would be appreciated! I don’t want to go with any of the “noisy” themes on the internet.


    Rusty Moore

    • @Rusty Moore: It wouldn’t look 100% the same, but it would nonetheless look very similar with the classic/silver skin (the gray would be slightly brighter).

      You might also need to change the header image’s width slightly (to 750px from 770px if applicable).

      Don’t wait too long to upgrade, too… There *are* worms around that target old WP installs.


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